We must learn to recognise unavoidable violence and conflicts that today’s society imposes on us. We should learn to defend ourselves.

- How and what with?

The wide range of martial arts on offer can be quite confusing to a lay person. Everyone should ask themselves what they are actually looking for:

- Physical fitness, conditioning and flexibility within a hard and aggressive martial arts training which often pushes you towards your limits?

Or, possibly

- physical and mental harmony? Self-defence as a mission in life, as a possible career? Calmness and serenity, reduction of aggressiveness and development of personality, speed and strong decisiveness of psyche and body in equal measure.

Oftentimes, people interested in martial arts are not aware of this essential difference between martial arts and self-defence. This may be because the western term, „martial arts“ does not exist with the same meaning in the Eastern culture.

Equal utilisaton and training of body and mind  as part of the life there (Mudo /Budo) has been taken for granted. The focus on the pure physical aspect within martial arts lies at the root of misunderstandin and prejudice.

Reactions to external influences are often uncontrolled – people are often not aware of their irrational behaviour. Self-confidence displayed on the outside which often was not there, caused a reaction that would not have occured otherwise. Provocative behaviours elicits contradiction and invites to measure their strenghts. A confident individual knows his/her value and does not need to proof it by comparing it to others.

Through the instruction methods developed by Grand Master Kim Sou Bong actions and reactions are directed to the right path.