Hapkido’s roots lie within buddhism and as such constitutes a religiuos art. Hapkido opens up a path to personal development. Body and soul should be equally developed.

Martial art in its true meaning means development of a wholistic personality. This requires the appropriate attitude – martial art cannot be consumed, you have to live it.

The meaning of the word Hapkido

HAP   Together, it means harmony of body and soul          

KI      Power, it  signifies mental as well as physical power and results from concentration

DO    Path, the path of life, the method of teaching

Hapkido is a defensive system which does not mean that it lacks efficiency; quite the contrary. Hapkido students lern spontaneously, without hesitation, to react briefly and precisly to a situation that presents itself. Throughout years of training, one reaches a state whereby a disharmony, for example an attack or aggression can be halted at the start. The attacker should be convinced of the irrationality of his/her open attack  until he/she abandons it.

In the teaching of Grand Master Kim Sou Bong, the student aquires the skill to react appropriately and in proportion to a given sitution. A drunk person who is causing some minor trouble does not need to be knocked out in a brutal manner. A controlled action often suffices to calm a drunk down in such a situation. On the other hand, it is important to react effectively when presented with real danger to one’s life.

Harmony of body and soul guide the Hapkido student in developing a strong personality. Through training you experience your body in a new way, by learning to co-ordinate movements and not just see the body as a heavy-handed tool to a burdened mind. The mind experiences a new form of strong will and confidence. He/She will experience that body and mind are one, just as nature always intended it.

A person who has learned to develop self-confidence and underwent the process of getting to know him/her-self does not act with uncertainty but has found her/his place in society. She/He has learned to stand up for themselves.

Piece and quiet are every human being’s right, however it is important live with ease of mind and not just watch under force, fear or suppression someone or oneself suffers mental or bodily harm.

The characteristics of Hapkido are reflected in three principles.